Saturday, 16 November 2013

This was the next cottage I decorated . . . . . . .again, it's by Petite Properties and 1/24th scale.

This one I wanted particularly grungy as a very green-fingered little witch is moving in.

Nellie loves nothing more than tending to her many witchy plants.

In fact, the entire upstairs of her cottage is dedicated to her hobby.
There are plants and toadstools galore.


It is also home to a flying Vampire-Frog.
Nellie has no idea where this came from, but is quite happy for it to stay.

Seed Trays with plants by Jayne  (
Rats by Georgia Marfels and Mags of Mags-nificent Miniatures
Toadstools, Vampire-frog and Goblins by Georgia Marfels
Broom by Joy Cox
Plants by Georgia Marfels
Mandrake Seedling by Debie Lyons 
Flit Spray by Jane (
Potting bench by Petite Properties