Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I'm a new Blogger!!

I've decided to create this blog as a way of keeping track of my cottage renovations.
Not an ordinary cottage, but a 24th scale dollshouse cottage.
Not an ordinary 24th scale dollshouse cottage, but a 24th scale dollshouse cottage 
fit for a witch.
Interested?  Then please check in every once in a while to see how it's developing.

It all began when I purchased a Petite Properties cottage (or two) from a lovely lady on ebay . . . . 

Hmmmmm . . . actually, thinking now, it began before that . . . 

It ALL began with a purchase from the amazing Joy Cox of Adora-Bella Minis

If you haven't seen her dolls, please go check them out now - they are amazing!!

One of my many dolls that I bought from Joy was a witch . . . 
A fantastic little witch, a friendly little witch, a perfect little witch . . . . but alas, 
a homeless little witch!

THAT'S where the purchases from the lovely Tricia on Ebay come in.
One cottage bought soon turned into two - after all how could I choose between them?
And now, this is where my blogging journey begins . . . . to decorate a cottage fit for a witch . . . . .