Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just look at what arrived with my postman today . . . . . 

Joy Cox . . . you have outdone yourself yet again!!

This Mother and Daughter pair are going to be living in a cottage together.  Mother Nellie is a dab hand at growing witchy plants, whilst Nora the Daughter likes to play with the creatures that also live in the cottage.
Unfortunately, their home is only visible in my head at the moment, and so I can't take a picture. I will start on their home once my current project is done.
My current project? . . . . . 
Nancie - a retired witch.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

 The upstairs went together quite quickly . . . . although I think a few more goblins are needed!

Especially as they have their own little door . . . . . . 

 It seems frogs are not welcome here either!!

The bedroom is where her cloak and broom are kept - along with another door for the goblins!

My favourite room was last - the kitchen.

 I think she looks well at home here!

Soooooooo . . . . . that's Bad Witch Cottage done . . . . 

Sooooooo.......onto Bad Witch.
This doll blew me away when I first saw her.  I'd asked Joy to make an ugly witch for me, and just look at her . . . . 
I knew I had to decorate the house to suit her, so I had my work cut out.

 This time I started in her upstairs workspace . . . . a spider stripe wallpaper, with grey walls.
Plenty of ageing again, after all her workspace wouldn't really be clean . . .

I wanted downstairs to follow a dark theme.  For the bedroom I chose a classic witchy colour - purple.
The kitchen kept me stumped for a while.  I couldn't decide what colour.  Then I came across a fantastic piece of scrapbooking paper that was perfect for the side walls and I matched the colour to paint the back wall . . . . . 
Now it was on to the furniture . . . . . 
Here I should mention that this cottage is NOT rat friendly.  This cottage has goblins galore, and the only rats you'll find are of the deceased variety.  This is where I owe a BIG thank you to Georgia Marfels (look her up on Etsy.com).  Georgia makes the most fabulous rats and goblins and I've certainly kept her busy lately.

The Workbench
Again, I needed lots of jars for this house.  Some I made myself, others (lots of them) I bought off Jenny Kelm (http://www.kastlekelm.webs.com/)

The poor rat here has committed suicide.  He didn't want to end up like his friends below . . . 
The mouldy pumpkins were cleverly made by Eve of Afterdarkafterall on Etsy . . check her shop out!
Mattress and fantastic bedding made by SuperMum xxxx

More Jars
Then came the fun bit of putting it all together . . . . .

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Luckily, my Mum is VERY handy in the sewing department and so mattresses and bed covers were made quickly. 
Thanks Mum xx

I should mention here that this witch has no problem with rats making their home in her cottage.  They pop up everywhere!!

From the bedroom, I moved into the upstairs space.  This was to be the witch's workroom.  The driftwood came in very handy here making the furniture look rustic and old.

Note the pic on the wall. 
This is the witch's sister.  More to come on her later . . . . . ;-)

The kitchen came together quite quickly. Jars, jars and more jars were used.

I LOVE this little witch!
Thank you Joy :-)

So, that's Good Witch Cottage done.


Bad Witch Cottage!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

So, this is how the cottage looked at the start . . . . 

I LOVE the way that Bea of Petite Properties does the flooring.  I think it looks amazing :-)
The walls though are far too clean for a witch . . . even a good witch!
This is where the decorating began . . . 

 I used some grungy looking scrapbooking paper for the back wall, painted the sides, aged it all to make it look well lived-in, and then added some beams to the ceiling. 

I made sure the corners especially were nice and "dirty"

Then came downstairs . . . 
Firstly the bedroom. 

Then, the kitchen . . . 

Again, I "dirtied" the walls up, as I wanted a grungy cottage for my witch!

Now I could add the furniture.
Some was bought and used "as is", other pieces I made from scratch or adapted using a little driftwood.  This fantastic idea was given to me by Susan Manning who herself has made some wonderful furniture.

Oops!  I forgot to mention . . . . by now I had bought a little girl witch from Joy (Adora-bella minis).

Here she is . . . 
 Just look at those teeth!  Isn't she wonderful??

So . . . the bedroom now needed two beds :-)