Saturday, 17 August 2013

Luckily, my Mum is VERY handy in the sewing department and so mattresses and bed covers were made quickly. 
Thanks Mum xx

I should mention here that this witch has no problem with rats making their home in her cottage.  They pop up everywhere!!

From the bedroom, I moved into the upstairs space.  This was to be the witch's workroom.  The driftwood came in very handy here making the furniture look rustic and old.

Note the pic on the wall. 
This is the witch's sister.  More to come on her later . . . . . ;-)

The kitchen came together quite quickly. Jars, jars and more jars were used.

I LOVE this little witch!
Thank you Joy :-)

So, that's Good Witch Cottage done.


Bad Witch Cottage!