Thursday, 28 November 2013

 The Learning Cottage - situated at the end of Witch Alley.

Nesta lives here with her husband Wilf.
Wilf dresses the part of a Wizard but truthfully has no real magic in his bones.

Nesta however, has a real talent and so teaches the local children.  This is how the cottage got it's name.

All kinds of potions and spell paraphernalia can be found upstairs in the cottage

Nesta is also a keen botanist and so loves teaching them all about the plants they may need to use in spellwork too. 

They even get taught how to harvest mandrakes.

She has three students at the moment.

Rose, Pansy and Puck.

They all work hard, but no matter how hard he tries Puck never does as well as the girls.

He's a little disappointed with how well his mandrake has grown!

 Pansy is also having a bit of trouble today. She's had to stop work as a goblin is sitting in her seat!!

Whilst Nesta is teaching, Wilf spends his time pottering in the kitchen

Today for lunch he is making Rat Salad!

Nesta has enchanted some pumpkins to keep him company.

Wilf tried his hand at the spell too - with disastrous results!
His enchanted pumpkin now stays locked in a cupboard for everyone's safety!!

Puck's desk - he always brings his pet rats in to help.  It's lucky Wilf doesn't find them!!

Rose and Pansy's desk.

 Wilf's rat salad.

 Nesta's desk - a bit of a mess as she's just picked a mandrake!!

 Nesta's chair and spell hat.

 The bedroom

Nesta,Wilf, Pansy, Rose & Puck by Joy Cox  (
Cottage - by Bea (Petite Properties)
Enchanted Pumpkins -  Joy Cox  (
Wilf's Pumpkin - by Eve (
Mandrakes and seedlings by Debie Lyons 
Seed Trays with plants by Jayne  (
Rats & Goblins, goblin bottles and bookworm - Georgia Marfels
Spell Hat - by Kat (
Bird skulls, skull goblet & skeleton pitcher - by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)
Kitchen jars & paper scrolls - Jenny (Kastle Kelm Miniatures)
Kitchen pot sink, kitchen dresser & upstairs shelf units - kits by Petite Properties
Magnifying glass - Danny Shotton

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A little peep at what's coming next . . .

Nesta lives here.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Next door to Nellie lives her daughter Nora.
Nora Didoreth is her full name.
Didoreth (Dee-door-eth) - an old Welsh word meaning a bit simple or silly!

Nora lives in a simple little one-up one-down

It suits her though as there is still plenty of room for her many little friends

Every goblin or rat in the area knows they are always welcome at Nora's, where they can find a warm bed for the night (or even longer).

A small pumpkin patch can also be found at Nora's cottage

Just recently however, some of the little ones sprouted arms and legs and uprooted themselves.
They have been seen roaming around the cottage and some have even been spotted as far away as Nellie's!
Nora can never seem to catch them.

Nora loves having company, and tries her best to cook for her guests.  She doesn't have her Mother's talent for it though and often decorates her cupcakes with unsavory items like snails!

The goblins don't seem to mind the snails though, even if it means a quick trip to the loo is often needed soon afterwards!

Cottage - by Bea (Petite Properties)

Nora, pumpkins with arms & legs, clothes on line, basket with peeping eyes - by 
Joy Cox  (

Goblins & Rats, Dragon eye in jar - by Georgia Marfels

Bird Skulls -  by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)

Pumpkins, Potatoes & Cupcakes -  by Lory (64tnt)

Rubber Duck - by Tracey (tjayminiatures)

Grinny Teapot - by Caroline (Pixie Dust Miniatures)

Goblin beds, kitchen dresser - Petite Properties kits

Jams & Jelly - by Jenny (Kastle Kelm Miniatures)

Bucket of apples - by lindac5204 (ebay)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

 Nellie also likes to spend her time cooking.  
She has many little helpers in her kitchen who get rewarded for their work with her fabulous cupcakes.

One area they are not allowed to venture onto though, is the top of the dresser.  
This is where Nellie keeps her collection of rare teapots

Nellie's love of plants and toadstools can also be seen in her bedroom


This is also where she often leaves her teeth in her eagerness to get to her planting or cooking!! 

Nellie & False teeth by Joy Cox (
 Witch Hat by Kat the Hat Lady
 Toadstools in seed tray by Jayne  (

Potatoes in sack and Cupcakes by Lory (64tnt)
Goblins & Rats by Georgia Marfels

 Teapots by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)
 Kitchen Dresser by Kate (Herdwick Landscapes)

 Pot sink kit by Petite Properties

Suicide Rat by Georgia Marfels
Grim Reaper by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)


Saturday, 16 November 2013

This was the next cottage I decorated . . . . . . .again, it's by Petite Properties and 1/24th scale.

This one I wanted particularly grungy as a very green-fingered little witch is moving in.

Nellie loves nothing more than tending to her many witchy plants.

In fact, the entire upstairs of her cottage is dedicated to her hobby.
There are plants and toadstools galore.


It is also home to a flying Vampire-Frog.
Nellie has no idea where this came from, but is quite happy for it to stay.

Seed Trays with plants by Jayne  (
Rats by Georgia Marfels and Mags of Mags-nificent Miniatures
Toadstools, Vampire-frog and Goblins by Georgia Marfels
Broom by Joy Cox
Plants by Georgia Marfels
Mandrake Seedling by Debie Lyons 
Flit Spray by Jane (
Potting bench by Petite Properties