Monday, 18 November 2013

Next door to Nellie lives her daughter Nora.
Nora Didoreth is her full name.
Didoreth (Dee-door-eth) - an old Welsh word meaning a bit simple or silly!

Nora lives in a simple little one-up one-down

It suits her though as there is still plenty of room for her many little friends

Every goblin or rat in the area knows they are always welcome at Nora's, where they can find a warm bed for the night (or even longer).

A small pumpkin patch can also be found at Nora's cottage

Just recently however, some of the little ones sprouted arms and legs and uprooted themselves.
They have been seen roaming around the cottage and some have even been spotted as far away as Nellie's!
Nora can never seem to catch them.

Nora loves having company, and tries her best to cook for her guests.  She doesn't have her Mother's talent for it though and often decorates her cupcakes with unsavory items like snails!

The goblins don't seem to mind the snails though, even if it means a quick trip to the loo is often needed soon afterwards!

Cottage - by Bea (Petite Properties)

Nora, pumpkins with arms & legs, clothes on line, basket with peeping eyes - by 
Joy Cox  (

Goblins & Rats, Dragon eye in jar - by Georgia Marfels

Bird Skulls -  by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)

Pumpkins, Potatoes & Cupcakes -  by Lory (64tnt)

Rubber Duck - by Tracey (tjayminiatures)

Grinny Teapot - by Caroline (Pixie Dust Miniatures)

Goblin beds, kitchen dresser - Petite Properties kits

Jams & Jelly - by Jenny (Kastle Kelm Miniatures)

Bucket of apples - by lindac5204 (ebay)