Sunday, 17 November 2013

 Nellie also likes to spend her time cooking.  
She has many little helpers in her kitchen who get rewarded for their work with her fabulous cupcakes.

One area they are not allowed to venture onto though, is the top of the dresser.  
This is where Nellie keeps her collection of rare teapots

Nellie's love of plants and toadstools can also be seen in her bedroom


This is also where she often leaves her teeth in her eagerness to get to her planting or cooking!! 

Nellie & False teeth by Joy Cox (
 Witch Hat by Kat the Hat Lady
 Toadstools in seed tray by Jayne  (

Potatoes in sack and Cupcakes by Lory (64tnt)
Goblins & Rats by Georgia Marfels

 Teapots by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)
 Kitchen Dresser by Kate (Herdwick Landscapes)

 Pot sink kit by Petite Properties

Suicide Rat by Georgia Marfels
Grim Reaper by Julie Lawton (Cottage Kitty Miniatures)