Thursday, 8 August 2013

So, this is how the cottage looked at the start . . . . 

I LOVE the way that Bea of Petite Properties does the flooring.  I think it looks amazing :-)
The walls though are far too clean for a witch . . . even a good witch!
This is where the decorating began . . . 

 I used some grungy looking scrapbooking paper for the back wall, painted the sides, aged it all to make it look well lived-in, and then added some beams to the ceiling. 

I made sure the corners especially were nice and "dirty"

Then came downstairs . . . 
Firstly the bedroom. 

Then, the kitchen . . . 

Again, I "dirtied" the walls up, as I wanted a grungy cottage for my witch!

Now I could add the furniture.
Some was bought and used "as is", other pieces I made from scratch or adapted using a little driftwood.  This fantastic idea was given to me by Susan Manning who herself has made some wonderful furniture.

Oops!  I forgot to mention . . . . by now I had bought a little girl witch from Joy (Adora-bella minis).

Here she is . . . 
 Just look at those teeth!  Isn't she wonderful??

So . . . the bedroom now needed two beds :-)