Thursday, 17 October 2013

For a cottage on 'Witch Alley' everything looks relatively normal here . . . . 

A lovely little double bed for Nancy and Dan . . . . 

Dan likes to relax in his pyjamas, with the paper and his pipe . . . . 

Even the picture on the wall of the 'Coven of the Crescent Moon' doesn't alert him to the fact that Nancy once had dabblings in Witchcraft!

Nancy does hide it well though, and prefers these days to make dinner from scratch rather than pick up her wand or spellbooks.

There is one delicacy that she can't quite give up though, and always keeps a jar of fresh 'Brain Jelly & Worms' to hand!

The remaining room belongs solely to Nancy.  It's where she keeps herself busy with her new hobby of weaving.  She even spins her own wool . . . . . 

On the wall is a picture of Nance in her practicing days, and in the corner there sits a cupboard, where Nancy has very carefully stored away all her witchy belongings . . . 

The pumpkin has certainly seen better days - but there is plenty of magic left in the old wand yet!

Nancy & Dan by Joy Cox
Pipe & ashtray by Danny Shotton
Swan matches by Truly Scrumptious Miniatures
Jars by Jenny Kelm of Kastlekelm
Spinning wheel & kitchen dresser by Kate of Herdwick Landscapes
Kitchen cupboard / sink unit / table by Petite Properties
Corner witch cupboard by Petite Properties
Mouldy pumpkin by Eve of Afterdarkafterall