Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Up the ladder and into the attic we go . . . . 

Mother B has a huge collection of books - all of which she has read cover to cover.  No-one else is permitted to touch her books and you can see the consequences if you get caught like this poor little gremlin did!

When not working in the shop, Mother B spends her time working on and perfecting new spells.
You can see on her worktable the heart she is currently growing - just in case something untoward happens to Lester and he needs to be brought back for a third time.

Poor Lester can no longer share a bed with Mother B - they now have separate beds.
Lester is far too cold for Mother B - a side-effect from having previously died - and then of course there is the size problem. 

Lester's bed is also too small for him. The footboard has had to be removed as the poor man couldn't stretch out.  The bed is now propped up with books much to the dismay of 
Mother B!