Wednesday, 2 April 2014

This is the completed view of the outside of my shop -

These are Lester's Gravestones. 
There is room on the pallet for plenty more yet!

This is Dorcas, trying to get a good deal on some mouldy pumpkins!

Now this little shop is home to Grunt the goblin. 

As they get older so goblins lose some of the green pigment in their skin. 

Elderly goblins therefore have a brownish hue.

Grunt is a famous little goblin in these parts.

He brews Ghastly Goblin Grog which he then sells in his shop.

 He alone knows the recipe.

Grunt's brother Growl, works in the shop.  A simple little goblin really, who drinks far too much of the Goblin Grog and is absolutely terrified of rats as you can see!