Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Alright then - upstairs . . . . 

 A simple little room where Mother B boils and brews away over her fire.

You'll notice that the chairs are not matching.  
This is because Lester needs more substantial furniture now that his size has increased.
He also needed a change in diet, and the only source of protein readily available here at the end of Witch Alley are the rats that freely roam around.
Mother B does her best to disguise the fact that Lester's taste in food is a little gruesome by hiding the rats in a roll with some salad!

Lester does have to be quick eating his food though as there are rats aplenty and quite often rescue missions are launched to liberate their friends!


Uh-oh!  With one rat almost rescued, it looks like this could be the next victim . . . . a poor little blind rat about to wander into a trap!

Next we're going up the ladder into the attic.
This is where Mother Bloodwort stores her vast collection of books.