Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bubble, Boil & Brew as you already know is owned by Mother Bloodwort.

Mother B. (as she is known to her friends) is a knowledgeable witch. 
A gifted witch, an intellectual witch, a downright wily witch.

Mother B. has read all the books on witchcraft, spells and sorcery, and although you wouldn't know it to look at her, she is a genius when it comes to magic.

Mother B. is married to Lester, a cumbersome fellow who has no interest in witchcraft or wizardry.
He has however been the subject of a spell or two.

You see, Lester has died . . . . . twice.

Mother B was distraught without him.
She read books, cast spells, and consulted with necromancers until she perfected the spell to raise Lester from the dead.