Saturday, 23 August 2014

Well - hasn't it been a long time since I've been on here???
I have been very busy with my new house though.

Want to see some pictures?
Well, I'm afraid you're out of luck ;-)

Before I start telling you about my latest house, I wanted to share some info with you.

Bubble, Boil & Brew wouldn't look half as good without the fantastic little characters and miniatures.

So, I wanted to tell you all where I got the fabulous bits.

The house itself was from Romney Miniatures  

The wonderful characters are made by Joy Cox

The goblins, rats and human heart plant all by Georgia Marfels

The hanging herbs and flowers, dandelions, mouldy pumpkins and both fabulous plants by Jayne - TallulahBelle

The teapot and vegetable sacks by  Loredana Tonetti

The wicked little gremlins (trained and untrained!) by NickyCC

Grunt the Goblin's shop and the furniture inside are all kits by Petite Properties

The scrolls and some of the books by Jenny Kelm

♥ Thank you all for helping to fill my shop ♥

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