Saturday, 23 August 2014

Well - hasn't it been a long time since I've been on here???
I have been very busy with my new house though.

Want to see some pictures?
Well, I'm afraid you're out of luck ;-)

Before I start telling you about my latest house, I wanted to share some info with you.

Bubble, Boil & Brew wouldn't look half as good without the fantastic little characters and miniatures.

So, I wanted to tell you all where I got the fabulous bits.

The house itself was from Romney Miniatures  

The wonderful characters are made by Joy Cox

The goblins, rats and human heart plant all by Georgia Marfels

The hanging herbs and flowers, dandelions, mouldy pumpkins and both fabulous plants by Jayne - TallulahBelle

The teapot and vegetable sacks by  Loredana Tonetti

The wicked little gremlins (trained and untrained!) by NickyCC

Grunt the Goblin's shop and the furniture inside are all kits by Petite Properties

The scrolls and some of the books by Jenny Kelm

♥ Thank you all for helping to fill my shop ♥

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

This is the completed view of the outside of my shop -

These are Lester's Gravestones. 
There is room on the pallet for plenty more yet!

This is Dorcas, trying to get a good deal on some mouldy pumpkins!

Now this little shop is home to Grunt the goblin. 

As they get older so goblins lose some of the green pigment in their skin. 

Elderly goblins therefore have a brownish hue.

Grunt is a famous little goblin in these parts.

He brews Ghastly Goblin Grog which he then sells in his shop.

 He alone knows the recipe.

Grunt's brother Growl, works in the shop.  A simple little goblin really, who drinks far too much of the Goblin Grog and is absolutely terrified of rats as you can see!

Up the ladder and into the attic we go . . . . 

Mother B has a huge collection of books - all of which she has read cover to cover.  No-one else is permitted to touch her books and you can see the consequences if you get caught like this poor little gremlin did!

When not working in the shop, Mother B spends her time working on and perfecting new spells.
You can see on her worktable the heart she is currently growing - just in case something untoward happens to Lester and he needs to be brought back for a third time.

Poor Lester can no longer share a bed with Mother B - they now have separate beds.
Lester is far too cold for Mother B - a side-effect from having previously died - and then of course there is the size problem. 

Lester's bed is also too small for him. The footboard has had to be removed as the poor man couldn't stretch out.  The bed is now propped up with books much to the dismay of 
Mother B!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Alright then - upstairs . . . . 

 A simple little room where Mother B boils and brews away over her fire.

You'll notice that the chairs are not matching.  
This is because Lester needs more substantial furniture now that his size has increased.
He also needed a change in diet, and the only source of protein readily available here at the end of Witch Alley are the rats that freely roam around.
Mother B does her best to disguise the fact that Lester's taste in food is a little gruesome by hiding the rats in a roll with some salad!

Lester does have to be quick eating his food though as there are rats aplenty and quite often rescue missions are launched to liberate their friends!


Uh-oh!  With one rat almost rescued, it looks like this could be the next victim . . . . a poor little blind rat about to wander into a trap!

Next we're going up the ladder into the attic.
This is where Mother Bloodwort stores her vast collection of books.

I've made my mind up!
I'm going to start on the ground floor - the shop.

Now before I start, I want to apologise for the fact that some of the photos seem quite similar.  I'm no photographer, and it was quite difficult taking pics of this one. Some bits are in focus in one pic and not in another and so there is sometimes an overlap.  Sorry! 

Anyway . . . enough rambling.

The shop floor . . . .  


The day usually starts quietly for Mother B, and so she takes that time to have a dust around.  You'd think she would use magic to take care of menial chores such as this - but Mother B prefers to save her magic for the more spectacular spells.

 The shop stocks plenty of potion supplies, and they also have the odd gremlin or two for sale - usually untrained and so kept in a cage for the safety of customers.

Lester takes care of the bulk of lifting and carrying in the shop.

He is well suited to the job as every time Mother B has brought him back from the dead, he seems to have gotten just a tad bigger.   
There doesn't seem to be an explanation for this peculiar occurrence, although Mother Bloodwort believes it has something to do with the size of the new heart she uses each time to resurrect him.

   As well as Lester, Mother B has a few goblins helping her out in the shop.  She also uses enchanted Helping Hands to mix the potions for customers while they wait .
 This is  Marigold - teasing one of the poor little goblins!

She visits Bubble, Boil & Brew regularly with her Grandma Mabel who is one of Mother Bloodwort's oldest, dearest friends.

Mabel knows all about Mother B bringing Lester back from the dead. 
Unfortunately, Marigold does too as she overheard them chatting about it one day. 
Ever since, the little imp has teased Lester when no-one else is listening by instead calling him Fester!!

Next, we'll venture upstairs . . . .

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


This is an overall view of the inside.

I'll be doing a more detailed look at each room shortly.
Hmmmmmm . . . . shall I start at the top, or the bottom??

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bubble, Boil & Brew as you already know is owned by Mother Bloodwort.

Mother B. (as she is known to her friends) is a knowledgeable witch. 
A gifted witch, an intellectual witch, a downright wily witch.

Mother B. has read all the books on witchcraft, spells and sorcery, and although you wouldn't know it to look at her, she is a genius when it comes to magic.

Mother B. is married to Lester, a cumbersome fellow who has no interest in witchcraft or wizardry.
He has however been the subject of a spell or two.

You see, Lester has died . . . . . twice.

Mother B was distraught without him.
She read books, cast spells, and consulted with necromancers until she perfected the spell to raise Lester from the dead.